Who are we?

We are a consulting and training company operating in the fields of corporate education and training programs, development programs and coaching.

Our Vision

To become the most sought after and successful educating and training company in corporate education and coaching.

Our Mission

Our corporate training programs, development projects and coaching help individuals and organizations grow and develop to become not only successful, but great, too.

Our Values

Our values reflect who we are, what we do and how we do it. They define our culture and commitment to the principles of personal and professional conduct we profess.

We believe that only a relationship based on mutual trust can benefit everyone over the long term and continue to develop and intensify. Our accomplishments show us to be a reliable business partner and employer.

Our professional approach toward our clients, candidates and associates, taking into account each project’s specifics and compliance with fundamental ethical principles have made us a successful company. We invest in the professional competence of our associates and their potential in order to ensure success in the future.

Every client, candidate as well as company colleagues and associates are treated with dignity and respect. We appreciate each client, candidate and associate, and strive to understand and respect their views and values.

The projects we do are meaningful to our clients and bring them great added value. We assist them in specific situations address their needs and provide them with services beyond their expectations. We help candidates find jobs and new career challenges and bring the people attending our development programs new knowledge and further growth. Our colleagues and associates are committed and passionate because they’re doing work they find meaningful.

We believe our clients and candidates will only respect us if we’re great in what we do. Our services help them fulfill their vision and mission so they become not only successful in the market, but great, too.

Our partners

Our services are exceptional thanks to the long-term cooperation of our partners


In cooperation with REMEDY, we can care for the physical health of your employees by providing them with preventive examinations. In addition, through personal and phone consultations, we can provide help for people affected by difficult life situations.

ITO United Change

Since 2014 we have been a strategic partner of ITO United Change and SHL in Slovakia. SHL is a world leader in measuring human potential through the use of psychodiagnostic tools that are directly linked to the work environment.


With Getmore, we can provide you with software support for your HR and business management, performance management, team management, customer relationship management (CRM), workflow, task management, and more.