References from the Generali development project

In an informal atmosphere we evaluated the first run, preparing and gathering ideas for the next one to be launched in September. But application workshops were running earlier in June

The first comprehensive feedback from Generali about our company and work pleased us incredibly. A comment is attached, words which came directly from Martin Dobiáš, sponsor and commercial network management director:

“I have been working with Consilium Development for a long time, primarily in education.
Our positive experiences with Consilium Development made them the clear choice as the strategic partner for the intensive education of Generali’s internal network managers.
It was in this period the first education module was completed by around 70 managers – the section director, department directors, regional directors and business group managers.
The response and feedback received from participants in the training courses are more than positive and the questionnaires showed 100% satisfaction. The trainers were likewise able to increase motivation among the managers, who are already looking forward to Application Day and the second education module.
Consilium’s enormous added value is in the following areas:

  • Custom education (with the sponsor intensively involved in creating content).
  • Uniqueness and greatness (Consilium seeks in every training course/module to fine-tune individually to meet the sponsor’s current needs).
  • High quality trainers.
  • Professional encouragement and support (unique testing and diagnostics, consultations with a professional psychologist).
  • Emphasis on application.

I look forward to more cooperation and believe us working together with Consilium Consulting will make Generali’s internal network the best in Slovakia.”
Martin Dobiáš
Executive Director, Commercial Network Department, Generali Insurance